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Conservation is at the heart of what inspires us to observe fish and other living wonders of the natural world. When we see something beautiful, we must conserve it so that we may return in the future and share it with others. While this is self evident to many of us, greed and ego steers many groups of people into harming the natural world that sustains life on earth. It is our duty to preserve the natural environment and to peacefully cohabitate with the living things that we share space with.

Fish Farm Projects

Welatka Fish Hatchery picture

Welatka Fish Hatchery

this is still a great place to stop and observe some native freshwater fish up close in their aquariums. The Welatka State Forest is right next door as well.

Pellicer Pond picture

Pellicer Pond

Pellicer Pond is a stocked fishing pond near Princess Place Preserve. The water is very clear and deep. Pellicer pond was made with a steep bank incline that drops to over eight feet deep on the shoreline in some places.

Nature Preserves

Salt Springs FL picture

Salt Springs FL

There are three large boils at Salt Spings. The minerals from the spring and the algea create splatters of color on the rocks around the boils. Many fish and birds congregate here

Princess Place Preserve picture

Princess Place Preserve

a variety of fishing birds. In the waterways you will see alligators, red bass, mullet, crabs, and snapper. This preservation area is a rare treasure

Florida State Parks

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park picture

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

concrete seawall along the inshore waterway where large rocks have been placed to fight erosion from boat traffic. This is great habitat for sheepshead

Water Management




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