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Pellicer Pond is a stocked fishing pond near Princess Place Preserve. You are allowed to keep catfish from here for eating, although I haven't seen any catfish here yet. The water is very clear and deep. Pellicer pond was made with a steep bank incline that drops to over eight feet deep on the shoreline in some places. Most of the perimeter is thick forest with little room for casting. This is a great area for viewing wildlife such as deer, fish hawks, alligators, and armadillos. There are two fishing docks for the less adventurous anglers to perch from, while others can walk the trail and find openings in the brush. Be on the lookout for alligators near the bank in the summer months. It is easy to surprise them or vise-versa with all the thick forest cover. There are some nice bluegill, and a healthy population of 1 to 2lb largemouth bass in this pond. I did OK with an unweighted watermelon seed worm. I caught 4 bass here in one outing,and they were all small enough to lift up by the line. There is a small peninsula in the mostly rectangular pond where it is possible to fly fish.
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Rating: 5/5
by: 2013-10-01

I agree. People NEED to practice catch and release....

Rating: 5/5
by: 2013-03-07

Yes! But it would be nice if more people practiced catch and release so the population could flourish.

Rating: 5/5
Title: big bass
by: PCfisher

Has anyone caught a bass over 1 lb in this pond?

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