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Fish species listed below are divided into freshwater, saltwater and aquarium fish. These are loosely assigned for the most part as many fish can live in all three environments. Fish generally found in "brackish" waters will be listed under salt water for now. The level of saltiness tolerated by fish varies greatly from species to species. For example, the green spotted puffer is often sold as freshwater aquarium pets, but they are actually a salt water species with high tolerance fresh water.

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Freshwater Fish

Some general characteristics of freshwater fish are that they live in ponds,lakes, streams, and rivers. They have routine feeding behaviors that occur at dusk and dawn. Most freshwater fish don't have sharp teeth, but there are a few exceptions like alligator gar fish.

Bluegill Bream picture

Bluegill Bream

a fully matured bluegill bream that has grown large enough to crush shellfish and dig freshwater mussels from the sand

Carp picture


There are many subspecies of carp. Many carp subspecies are prized gamefish such as the black carp and silver carp. They can be taken on various vegetarian baits such as corn, cherry tomatoes, berries, blades of lawn grass.

Koi picture


Koi fish are great for shallow ponds with lots of shade. They are hardy and colorful. Their slow bottom grazing behavior creates a serene atmosphere in garden ponds.

Largemouth Bass picture

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are the top predator fish in the fresh water of the Southereastern US. Bass eat almost everything in the water.

Redbelly Bream picture

Redbelly Bream

Redbelly bream are easily caught on classic bobber rigs with live earthworms, crickets, or bread balls. Most panfish will get habituated to eat bread, french fries and other people food, especially around docks.

Speckled Perch picture

Speckled Perch

Speckled perch are a popular target for Fisherman because they taste good and they get relatively big for a freshwater pan-fish. Some popular ways to fish for Specks also known as Crappie include trolling slowly

Striped Bass picture

Striped Bass

Striped bass can be caught with the same type of baits as largemouth bass. Stripers are more timid and harder to catch than largemouth.

Warmouth Perch picture

Warmouth Perch

In shallow Florida lakes they are commonly found near hard sandy bottoms and reed grass. They can be caught by jigging beetle body plastics and tube jigs with a lightly weighted jighead hook.

Saltwater Fish

Some traits specific to most saltwater fish are that they roam the ocean and inland waterways, but are rarely found far upriver or in landlocked bodies. They have daily predatory activities that occur around low tide. Saltwater fish are more affected by moon phases than freshwater fish because of the change in light and water levels that occur with changes in moon position. Most saltwater fish have sharp teeth.

Clown Fish picture

Clown Fish

clown fish eat small shrimp and silver-sides commonly sold at aquarium shops. They will often carry large pieces of food to the host anemonie

Flounder picture


Flounder will hunt for food in just inches of water. They tend to hang out around oyster beds and use silty bottoms to disappear under the mud and ambush prey.

Sheepshead picture


Sheepshead tend to congregate around rocks and pilings where there are plenty of crabs and other shellfish.

Spotted Sea Trout picture

Spotted Sea Trout

Sea trout often have brilliant spot patterns on top if subtle greens, blues,and pinks. They are fast swimming hunters of baitfish and shrimp. Spotted Sea Trout

Toad Fish picture

Toad Fish

A good way to avoid undesirable nibbler fish like toad fish, catfish, and sailors choice is to use live bait that is larger and more mobile. Dead shrimp and cut bait are too easy a meal for small scavengers to pass up.

Aquarium Fish

Aquarium Fish could be any species listed above. We have them listed here because most of us will only observe them in an aquarium environment unless you live near the Amazon River, Lake Victoria, or the Florida Keys. This section is for tropical fish, goldfish, cichlids, and other exotic fishes from afar.

Green Spotted Puffer Fish picture

Green Spotted Puffer Fish

Green Spotted Puffer Fish Eating Snails.Puffers enjoy eating blood worms, snails, brine shrimp, and some vegetation. It is essential to give puffers something crunchy occasionally




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