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Largemouth Bass

by: Lenny T. Waters

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Largemouth bass are the most popular sport fish in the U.S. They are an aggresive predator fish that preys on a wide variety of food sources, including smaller largemouth bass. My grandfather told me he once found a 3 lb bass stuck in the mouth of a 4 lb bass that appearantly tried to eat it.

How to fish for Largemouth

Largemouth Bass are the top predator fish in the fresh water of the Southereastern US. Bass eat almost everything in the water. There are industries built around the best ways to catch Largemouth bass, therfore it may be easier to describe what doesn't work. Largemouth bass will strike anything in the water that moves or smells except tadpoles and large yellow grasshoppers (georgia thumpers). Comment below if you know of more things they don't eat. Largemouth are known for aggressive topwater strikes especially in the warmer seasons. Many people feel that wild shiners on a bobber is the best bass fishing technique there is. Tournament bass fishermen often prefer to use plastic worms and bullet sinkers as their bread-and-butter combo. My favorite technique for largemouth is to find a nice thick clump of lily pads near deeper water and drag snake-like rubber worms with no sinker across the pad tops. This technique gets explosive and exciting hits especially in the summer. Largemouth bass will certainly strike topwater lures, flies, worms, jigs, spoons, and just about anything else that will fit.

Bass that see a lot of lures to get more savvy over time. This is a form of fishing pressure, or in other words a decrease in the quality of fishing caused by more people fishing in the same area. My observation is that bass in places with less fishing pressure such as hard to get to lakes and ponds in the deep forest are more willing to strike artificial baits and less spooked by human presence and the most common fishing mistakes such as boat banging or big line.




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Title: What else bass won't hit
by: 5 fish belt holder 2012-05-02

Bass tend to not hit what ever my buddy (we'll call him T) has on the end of his line. Great artical. I just want to let everyone know to use something different than what "T" is using if you fish with him.