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Warmouth Perch


Lake Crescent photo
warmouth have a body like bream and a mouth like a bass. They attack large minnows and crickets aggressively. In shallow Florida lakes they are commonly found near hard sandy bottoms and reed grass. They can be caught by jigging beetle body plastics and tube jigs with a lightly weighted jighead hook.
Lake Crescent photo
You can eat them, but fillets are generally small and this fish is bony. A better alternative might be to catch some speckled perch which often share the same waters as warmouth perch and taste a lot better.




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Rating: 5/5
by: 2014-06-05

Warmouth is Much better tasting out of the river but in ponds they are a mild tasting fish.

Rating: 5/5
Title: fish size
by: maxi 2011-12-07

what is the biggest warmouth ? this one looks small in the photo