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red drum, red bass, spotted red fish

redfish are one of the most popular sport fish in the waters of southern U.S. They are known for fighting hard. They taste great and have large boneless fillets of firm textured white meat. In Flroida, anglers are limited to keeping just one per person, and it must be in the size range of 18 to 27 inches. This is known as a "slot" fish.

How to fish for Red Fish

Red fish are an aggressive predator fish in both salt and brackish waters. Almost any bait in the water might look attractive to a redfish at the right time and place. I will list what I believe to be the most common ways first ending with some more exotic, but proven techniques.

  • Bottom fishing the surf with large sinkers and dead shrimp, crabs, or mullet.
  • Fishing plastic chubs and shrimp bodies on 1/4 ounce jigheads by bouncing this along the bottom. This technique seems to work best in inshore salt flats and marshes.
  • Bobber fishing with live mullet or shrimp. Redfish cannot resist live bait, and its quite exciting to see your bobber sink when you are in redfish waters.
  • Combo of plastic shrimp on a lite hook attached to a popper cork. About 15 inches of leader is about right to drift the shrimp below the surface while keeping it close enough to the bobber to detect the strike in time. The idea is that the dangling plastic shrimp will slightly bounce and wiggle in the current like a real shrimp treading water. This technique is for the salt flats and tidal waters when there is wind chop. The popping of the cork is like calling the dinner bell as Fish will come to investigate. The popping bobber is intended sound like another fish feeding.
  • Drifting live crabs in the current. Crabs are attached with a lite nickel hook and given free line to drift down stream or behind a boat.
  • Fly rod fishing with large and leggy crab mimic flies. Some common fly patterns resembling fiddler crabs and insects could work. A custom tied blue_crab mimic is ideal. Fly fishing is highly specialized, and novice anglers will have more fun fishing with the shrimp or mullet instead.
Redfish photo Redfish photo


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