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Fishing has been a major part of the human experience since our early beginnings. Fishing still is the main method of providing food supplies for many cultures of the world. A global mega-industry exists for purpose of harvesting and selling fish. The sport of fishing is another interesting facet of global culture. People around the world seek leisure reeling in fish with rods and reels. The life and death struggle between human and fish stirs a collective memory of reward and success for many people. This collective memory could be the result of having generations of fishing ancestors for whom the quality of life was more directly impacted by the successful harvest of fish.

Fishing Articles

Florida Predators Fun Facts picture

Florida Predators Fun Facts

Alligators and sharks are the obvious predators to look out for in Florida waterways, there are a few others that are more rare but existing. In south Florida it is possible to encounter a florida panther or an american crocodile

Trout Fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains picture

Trout Fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains

roe harvested from the first catch. Although I had never been in rainbow trout territory before, I was able to identify the caddis larvae and a few other bait options from having played the fishing simulation

Fishing Games and Simulations picture

Fishing Games and Simulations

realism, customization of lures, beautiful locations, and charming character of the game are unparallelled. One of the memorable features is the rustic log cabin where the player can keep aquariums of fish that have been caught

Summer Sea Trout in Northeast Florida picture

Summer Sea Trout in Northeast Florida

six keeper sized trout and continued to get strike after strike through the morning hours. In the second week of June, small trout and small lady fish were still striking

Fly Fishing for Largemouth picture

Fly Fishing for Largemouth

The fly fisherman in the video below hooks a trophy bass on a topwater fly. Fly fisherman use hand tied lures that mimic the exact prey items in the local environment, and this makes bass more willing to strike aggressively

April Fishing Update picture

April Fishing Update

had a good day under Flagler bridge catching whiting, pompano, catfish, and sting rays, while Lucky harvested several eating size blue crabs from the same location. The state park under Flagler bridge features a scenic boardwalk

Catching Big Redfish in Cold Weather picture

Catching Big Redfish in Cold Weather

Brian used fresh dead shrimp to catch the big redfish in the photos below. It seems likely that strong smelling organic baits would do better in extreme cold

Roadside Bass Fishing in Palm Coast Fl picture

Roadside Bass Fishing in Palm Coast Fl

Some black bass were caught here on plastic worms and woolly bugger flies. Large carp and turtles were observed

Thailand Fishing Adventure picture

Thailand Fishing Adventure

near Krabi, Thailand. They have stocked ponds with giant sized species from around the world. Some of the featured species are red tailed catfish, arowana fish, and tarpon.

Birds that Catch Fish picture

Birds that Catch Fish

Diving snake birds can often be seen breaking the surface where there are schools of fish hidden in deep water. Ospreys aka fish hawks make for good look-outs and are often after the same species as the human fisherman.

Steamboat Noah's Ark Caught Giant Bass on the St. John's River picture

Steamboat Noah's Ark Caught Giant Bass on the St. John's River

Fish this size are not commonly caught in the St. Johns today. Another interesting feature is the fancy suits and attire worn by the fishermen and boat staff. You don't often see men in fitted formal wear posing with largemouth.


Washington Oaks Gardens State Park photo

Fishing interests can be divided into two categories: fishing for sport and fishing for food. All fishermen will benefit from observing fish in the natural world. The next best thing to observing fish in the natural environment is seeing them here at FishObserver.com.

Fishing Tips

Best Largemouth Bass Fishing Beginners Guide picture

Best Largemouth Bass Fishing Beginners Guide

quick-start to catch your first largemouth bass. Proven methods for Largemouth bass catching have been summarized here to give you the quickest path to landing your first largemouth

How to Catch Catfish picture

How to Catch Catfish

catching giant catfish. The monster channel cats in the photos were caught last Saturday by Kent and his son Matthew. They caught 10 giant channel cats

How to Catch Big Fish on Topwater Lures picture

How to Catch Big Fish on Topwater Lures

fish feeding at the surface, and other fish come to get in on the action. These lures work well at night also when the fish have a harder time finding lures by sight

Beginner Fly Fishing for Bluegill picture

Beginner Fly Fishing for Bluegill

Flys that mimic grasshoppers or crickets should be pulled in short strips to simulate an insect kicking on the surface

Blue Crab picture

Blue Crab

Big redfish seem to prefer blue crab over other baits. Blue crabs are also a great bait for tarpon, hammerheads, and sheepshead.

Surf Fishing Strategies picture

Surf Fishing Strategies

Sometimes concentrations of shellfish and crabs a few yards offshore will produce a darker coloration in the sand washed up on shore. The dark sand can be an indicator that a fish food supply is nearby. A good strategy is to observe the area at dead low

Know Your Bait Fiddler Crabs picture

Know Your Bait Fiddler Crabs

The great thing about fiddler crabs is that you can find them along the shore in any salty waterway in Florida.

How to Tie Fishing Knots picture

How to Tie Fishing Knots

Used for maximum lure action. The loop slides around the eye reducing the affect of line stiffness.

Fishing for Food

People who fish for food include sportsman who keep an occasional fish to those living in uncivilized conditions whose daily sustenance is dependent on a good catch. Most fisherman fall somewhere between. Studying the techniques used by fisherman on the more primitive end of this scale such as roadside fisherman and bridge cane-polers can be beneficial to sportsman seeking fish knowledge and expert techniques. Many cane-polers for instance have developed very stealthy techniques as a result of having limited casting range and mobility. Some of these techniques include camouflaging the pole, standing behind cover, and using natural twigs for bobbers. Another trick to be learned from roadside fisherman is how to make the best use of the fishing space you have access too. Chumming and positioning are more important when you have limited access to a fishing area. These tricks of chumming and using stealthy gear that are used by roadside fisherman to catch mullet and bluegill can be readily applied to tastier species like sheepshead. Cane-poling for sheepshead with fiddler crabs on light gear has proven to be an effective technique.

One major difference between those who fish for food and those who fish for sport is that sportsman want quality not quantity. When someone is fishing for food they are targeting any fish of edible size. Sportsman are usually on after a few species of gamefish that are known to fight hard and splash dramatically. Many species are completely ignored or considered a nuisance by sports fishermen , but are a prized catch for sports fisherman. Some species preferred by food fisherman are flounder, sheepshead, and catfish.

Fishing for Sport

Some species are targeted exclusively for the sport of catching them, as they have no edible value or other reason to interact with them. Some of these pure gamefish are tarpon, bonefish, and carp. Sportsman anglers range from people trying to catch their personal trophy to competitive tournament fisherman.

A large service industry exists around competitive sports fishing, fishing charters, and fishing guide services. There is also a large retail market for fishing products and gear. This is why many lures are designed to attract fisherman in the shopping isle as opposed to actually attracting fish in the wild. Observing fish and the natural prey that eat in the wild will make one an expert in selecting or creating lures. This is especially relevant for fly fisherman who make their best efforts to emulates the fish's natural prey items.

Good Fishing Spots

Lake Crescent picture

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is connected to the St. Johns River system by Dunn's Creek. This lake is best known for once having excellent speckled perch fishing.

Rodman Reservoir picture

Rodman Reservoir

The spillway side, or the Oklawaha river head is flourishing with a wide variety of freshwater fish. Many species congregate near the spillway

Fishing Game - Play Bobber Fishing Simulation

The link above goes to a free simulation of bobber fishing for bass and bream on picturesque Pelicer Pond in Florida. You simply place your bobber rig into the water using the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Then wait for it to go under to reel in your fish using the space bar!




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