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Fly Fishing for Largemouth

by: Lenny T. Waters

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Topwater Flies

Fly fishing for largemouth bass could be the funnest way to fish. It's true you will land more fish with modern spinning reels and bait-casters, but for some people the connection to nature is more rewarding when fishing with simple fly fishing gear. The fly angler can feel the lure and the hooked fish more directly as the fly line is pulled in by hand. Fly fisherman use hand tied lures that mimic the exact prey items in the local environment, and this makes bass more willing to strike aggressively at the surface. Topwater fly fishing for largmouth bass can produce explosive strikes from fish. The video below shows a small largemouth attacking a fly lure at the surface.


Using the Cover

Fly fisherman need to be more aware of their camouflage, color, and silhouette than fisherman with long-casting rigs. The action of rocking the fly rod in a high position to cast can scare all the fish away. A good technique to avoid scaring the fish is to use bushes and shrubs for cover. In the video below, you can see a fly fisherman land a small bass from behind some tall grass . Camouflage can help to mitigate alerting fish in situations where the fish are likely to see the fisherman, such as clear water fishing or fishing from boats. A stealthy fish observer is aware of his silhouette from the fish's point of view, and wears blue or white to match the sky or green and brown to match the foliage. Another good tip is to stand back from the waters edge and cast from several feet back. Be aware that your footsteps approaching the bank or your trolling motor humming has less chance of alerting the fish the farther away you are. Alerted fish are less likely to strike a lure than relaxed fish.


Landing a Huge Bass

Many fisherman have serious doubts that fly fishing is worth all the work of hand tying flies, tying up to five types of knot in each rig, and flicking the rod up to six times to make a single cast. It is hard to understand why someone would fish this way until you hook your first nice fish and feel it pull the line in your hand. Using the bow of the rod to keep steady tension in the hook, the line can be let to slip through the fingers with controlled pressure simulating the drag mechanism in modern reels. The fly fisherman in the video below hooks a trophy bass on a topwater fly, but after a little splashing around the fish wins and swims away.

Fly Fishing for Largemouth photo


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