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Roadside Bass Fishing in Palm Coast Fl

by: Lenny T. Waters

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The extensive system of canals, ponds, and drainage ditches of Palm Coast Florida are a well stocked fishery for sports-fishermen, especially those without boats. You can pull right of the road and catch nice largemouth bass, fishing in what are basically drainage ditches connected to the larger canal systems. The canals have healthy supplies of largemouth bass and also large black carp. There are also many stocked ponds all through the city. The pond systems around the Town Center area or the city park are especially good for fishing as there is a trail around the park and planted cover foliage that is short enough to cast over. The ponds are stocked with bass as large as 5 lbs, gar, bluegill, and large black carp.

The largemouth bass in the video below was caught on a topwater rapala lure in one of the stocked ponds in the Town Center.


The largemouth bass in the following videos were caught within a few yards of Royal Palms Parkway in a ditch like canal. The first one was caught on a watermelon seed colored plastic worm. This location was accessed by pulling off the road into a flat grassy area and hiking down a short slope to the waterside. Some black bass were caught here on plastic worms and woolly bugger flies. Large carp and turtles were observed swimming nearby and also apple snail shells in large numbers on the bank. A black bass generally bites the rubber worm every three casts or so in this spot. One can walk down the long canal-way trail and approach fish in new sections of the canal by moving behind the taller shrubs for cover.


This bass was about 3 lbs. A nice catch for a roadside ditch.


A smaller bass and nice view of the canal


The bass in the video below was caught in a concrete walled drainage canal from a tall ledge under I95. He was hooked high up on the concrete ledge above the canal where one can observe the fish from a good vantage. The fish was then manuevered towards a more accessable shoreline for landing





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