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Surf Fishing Strategies

by: Lenny Waters

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Surf fishing is appealing to some because because you get to stand in the water feeling the waves and it is literally a day at the beach. Others feel challenged by surf fishing from beach because the rough conditions make it hard to detect bites and the vastness of the ocean in full view makes it seem unlikely that your little shrimp covered hook will ever be found out there. Surf fishing on the beach is worth the challenge. You never know what you will catch until its close enough to see. Some good baits for surf fishing in north Florida are shrimp, mullet, blue_crabs, and squid. Live mullet is more appealing to many preferred game fish like flounder, large redfish, and speckled trout. It is good to try different baits until you find a good pattern for getting bites. PVC pipes cut into 4 ft segments are often used as pole holders. Many beach fisherman will spread 2 to 10 pole holders in line down the beach. Covering more area is a good strategy in finding bites in surf. There are fish signs that can be identified from the beach that can help an angler pick a good place to cast out. Bird activity on the water is usually a good indicator of fish in the area. So is an abundance shellfish and crabs washed up on shore. Fish like to eat shellfish and crabs so they are likely to be where the food is. Sometimes concentrations of shellfish and crabs a few yards offshore will produce a darker coloration in the sand washed up on shore. The dark sand can be an indicator that a fish food supply is nearby. A good strategy is to observe the area at dead low tide to see where the most concentrated fish signs are, and have a better understanding of the land shapes. Any deep spots or channels will serve as structure relative to the flat open sand bottom around the beaches of north Florida. One last tip is to scan the water for slicks of flat water in the mild chop that might be the oils released from the bodies of recently eaten bait fish.


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