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Fish Observer profiles are sets of photos and data contributed by real people in the fishing community such as fisherman, aquarium keepers, fish farmers, and nature observers. Anyone with their own fish photos or fishing information can have a profile page on FishObserver.com. Just send an email with the subject line "profile request" to info@fishobserver.com. You can always email us your fish related content to be published on FishObserver.com.

New Profiles

Rod picture


maintains several coral reef tanks along with some freshwater aquariums. He also built a deep garden pond where he farms koi and goldfish

Brandon picture


an experienced fisherman in the central Florida area. Brandon also produces art and illustrations featuring fishing culture. He is the producer of the

Wes picture


redfish, trout, and other inshore game fish species. Wes has done some freshwater bass fishing also, but he is best known for catching large redfish. Wes seems to produce large redfish even when no one else in the area is showing any catches

Peter picture


Amazon-native species. Peter's stingray research proposal to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shown below can be used as an aquarium keeper's guide

Kirk picture


In the photo on the right, Kirk has caught a trophy bass on the St. Johns River while fishing with his dad.

Lucky picture


enjoys observing fish and other wildlife while hiking and exploring new areas

Cole picture


has plenty of surf fishing experience from the bank also. Her favorite baits to use are shrimp and live mullet.

Brian picture


fishing for redfish, trout, and other inshore game fish species. He also has experience with freshwater bass and crappie fishing.



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