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Wes likes fishing for redfish, trout, and other inshore game fish species. Wes has done some freshwater fishing for largemouth and redbelly bream also, but he is best known for catching large redfish. Wes seems to produce large redifish even when no one else in the area is showing any catches. He regularly fishes from a kayak in the salt marsh creeks of northeast Florida. Wes is a family man and a popular local musician. Wes often performs at scenic Saint Augustine venues like the Conch House and Cellar 6 on weekeneds.

Some places Wes has fished at:
  • Pelicer Creek
  • St. John's River
Some species Wes has observed are:
  • bluegill bream
  • largemouth bass
  • redbelly bream
  • redfish
  • spotted sea trout
  • flounder
Wes photo Wes photo Wes photo
Wes photo Wes photo Wes photo
Wes photo Wes photo


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